About CIWebDesign.com

Creative Impressions Web Design (CIWebDesign.com) is a doing business as name for freelance graphic artist/web designer, Connie J. Burianek.

I started CIWebDesign.com in 1999 in response to people asking me for design services after seeing several sites I had designed purely for the sake of learning and as a creative outlet. Even today, most of my clients are referrals.

I work one-on-one with my clients to find a design(s) that expresses a customers' unique personality and mission to create a presence that is individualized. Since my work is one-on-one on custom designs which are done entirely myself, I take limited clients and strive to make sure that my clients and I are a good fit for each other.

All designs are custom made on a per-customer basis. Designs are initially developed in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. Once a design is agreed upon, the design is coded into a working web site or delivered to the customer for print purposes.

Recently, I'm finding many customers who have started out using basic templates on their own and now want a more customized professional look. In many cases, if the templates are implemented well, this can be done without completely redoing the site from the ground up. 

You can learn more about the services I offer on the Services Page 

About Me
Connie Burianek

I have a rather unusual background for doing graphic design. Despite having a long interest in photography and graphic design, I graduated from the University of Arizona in 1993 with a BS in Engineering Mathematics and Nuclear Engineering. From 1993-1997 I was an officer in the US Navy and taught Calculus, Differential Equations and Nuclear Physics at the Navy Nuclear Power School. In 1997, I was honorably discharged from the Navy and became a stay at home mom. I have since expanded my graphic art, photography, website and computer (PC) experience and for select customers, I also offer computer maintenance services as well as IT consulting.

If you'd like to know more about me check out my Blog: Connie's Ramblings and Facebook Page.